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The Pit Review

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Here I go again, Canadian horror, blind watch. These have not gone well for me, basically ever. However, the cover art for this, not the poster above, but the one from the video store, which sadly is not online anywhere, has always stood in my mind. It seemed to always be side by side with The Keep, strangely, which I believe is also Canadian horror, and has been a staple of my must see list forever.

Uh oh, it’s an evil child movie. The odds on me enduring this have got a lot worse now. I really don’t like the genre. Besides The Omen, I don’t think I have really seen anything of it’s sort that I found better than tolerable. This is the perfect storm of Jason hatred, but I will give this a fair shake.

Well a character that is a complete asshole is named Fred Phelps, but that is a happy accident. Plot wise, a socially outcast, disturbed 12 year old, finds a hole in the woods, inhabited by Tra-lalas, some kind of ape like, maybe bigfoot things. He befriends them by feeding them and uses them for an instrument of revenge.

Ok, our main Jamie, is a creepy little bastard, he even blackmails someones aunt into undressing so he can take pictures. He is perverse, annoying and spoiled. So no redeeming qualities. The people he sacrifices to the creatures, I refuse to use that name again, are equally unlikeable. They are also dispatched completely offscreen. So barely any gore or violence here.

Why is this R rated? Sure, there are two scenes with boobs, for a few seconds, but that’s it.

Other than fleeting glimpses here and there, the creatures are not onscreen until the last 20 minutes, and they are awful, bad gorilla type suits with flashlight eyes.

After failing to have any tension for 90 percent of the film, it then descends into bad comedic moments, as if it gives up. This only furthered to make it damn near unwatchable for me. This really should have ended up 20 minutes early, The climax was yet another tone shift, this time lethally serious and had an awful cliched ending. There is also a massive loose end that is never explained.

RATING: D- (51%)

PROS: I saw it for free, it is on a popular, legal video site – I will not say which, but guarantee -you- know it, It went relatively fast. I liked the scenery it reminded me of home, but that is no big accomplishment

CONS: Annoying lead, annoying victims, no tension, no violence, very little gore – 1 scene really. Why in the hell is this R rated. There is a stupid line about why you shouldn’t bully people by the lead, whom has been killing everyone and was an annoying little prick that got what he deserved.

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