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You’re Next Review

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Life has taken a turn for the worst, my wife left for a 19 year old neighbor, well threw me out and moved him in, and I have moved up north. I am miserable, so let the reader be warned this could bias this review.

Again, I try my hand at modern horror, which you should be aware has an awful track record here. However, this is hyped to be very original and as well a solid film, so rolling the dice.

Well, a family that barely gets along, all attend an awkward dinner party. Unlikeable characters act unlikeable, until they are attacked by unknown masked assailants. However, one of the dinner guests is more than they appear, and revenge is swiftly taken.

This is fairly violent, decent paced, and has some good gore moments. There is a twist, which is not completely predictable, and you can get behind the main. This is nothing exceptional, feels a bit like Saw series or The Collector, but it gets the job done. One scene at the climax was awesome!!!

RATING: B(75%)

PROS: some good violence, some decent gore, somewhat different story from the standard fare.

CONS: Too many pointless, annoying characters whom often do stupid things for stupid reasons, for some reason, some points don’t show the violence, shaky cam.


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