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Non Canon Review: Penn and Teller Get Killed

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I love Penn and Teller, they were a staple of 1980s TV and almost everywhere. I still love Penn Jillette, he is one of my influences in certain pursuits in life, he is a great barker. A true lost art

I’ve been down a bit, going through a separation, so I decided to go to something lighter for once. Something I have seen, but not since my teens, I remember loving this film but nothing about it minus the climax…. Wonder if it will hold up???

The premise is simple, Penn and Teller are on a Saturday Night Live clone, and Penn makes a bold statement, that he wishes someone was trying to kill him constantly, everywhere he went, so he could
feel more alive. From there, they go on a tour of shitty casinos and indulge in some gory pranks
on each other, until Penn gets his wish, but does not believe it….

The gore effects are magic show level, they are cheesy and and overly gratuitous. There is one scene involving a trick gone wrong that looks alright, and is fun enough. This film is Penn and Teller to a tee, it has a wacky sense of self aware, stupid at times humor. There is a bit of a lagging issue, when the real events start happening, there is an over long film noir sequence, with some flat site gags, that really made it tough to get through.

Did it hold up? No not really, if you are fans, which I am you should like this.
It’s a good curiosity piece, but nothing great and suffers from big time lag, the
ending is beautifully dark and fun, but the gag is a little over done.

RATING: B (75%)

PROS: Good ending, likeable mains, some alright gore scenes, some bits work real well

CONS: Some bad lag issues, some jokes fall flat or are over done, if not a fan, you may not
like this.

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