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Death Wish 3 Review

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As I write this, I come to the realization, I have not seen Death Wish 2….hmmm odd.

Death Wish is a typical exploitation series of it’s time, the early 1980s. It is completely movie junk food. There is nothing terribly artistic, innovative or outstanding, but it really gets the job done well.

Death Wish 3, is a fun sequel. It continues the journey of the now remorseless architect cum embodiment of vengeance, the ever ruthless and unmoved, Paul Kersey, As always played by Charles Bronson, in his awesome over the top badassness.

After returning to New York and being imprisoned. Kersey meets up with an out of control, bizarre gang leader, really the hair and weird ass make up??? What the hell, then the regular formula follows. Kersey loses a friend to this gang, then a girlfriend and the par for the course mayhem ensues. Our villain here is dead ringer for snake from Degrassi High, with zero intimidation factor, and he gleefully hams up every scene he is in. Kersey eventually inspires the downtrodden neighborhood, and elderly to declare an all out war, with bloody and explosive consequences.

This film was oddly uncut on AMC at 10am. It is as over the top in every single way, as expected. It is the Mcdonalds of exploitation films. Completely void of movie nutrients, cheesy but damn satisfying and fun as hell. Bronson has aged a fair bit, but it only adds to the fun of this. Kersey is truly one of the greatest antiheroes in cinema and that is on full display here. There is a bit part with a very young Alex Winters, which was interesting enough to see, but had no bearing on the film. There are massive amounts of high caliber weapon shootings, people exploding and being maimed in more and more vicious fashion. You can’t help but cheer him on. I have not laughed this hard at a film in a long time. One particular favorite scene, graphically shows why you don’t bring a switchblade to a gun fight. There are also a few great one liners every now and then. Only complaint was there was a lack of depth in a lot of the main characters, whom are only there to serve the purpose for the revenge and riot. The ending is quite literally a blast, and had me cheering. The effects are decent praticals, some are done a little poorly, but it only adds to the campy fun. This is a must see for lovers of exploitation, a solid and entertaining sequel, that takes it’s self less seriously than it’s predecessor.

I loved this film, highly recommended.

RATING: A(84%)

PROS: As much brainless fun as you can expect, elderly versus over the top cartoonish 80’s punks, some good gore and violence, has a sense of humor to it, Bronson owns this film and is completely badass in every scene. Fun ending that left me wanting more.

CONS: A few effects failed, there is a large lack of character depth in all but Kersey, predictable as hell.


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