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31 days 2014 – Day 1- Pieces Review

I was not going to do this, this year, since the last 2 months have taken their toll on my personal life.  Long story short, my wife of 17 years, met the 19 year old new neighbor and 1 week later I am kicked out, he is moved in and now they are getting married in November this year, having known each other 2 months now.  So I have lost a lot of passion in life in general.  As well, I`ll be honest, the views on this blog have been at an all time low, and continue to plummet, so maybe I will start this, see where it goes and if things don`t improve, or I am not into it, will cancel it flat out.

Enough of that though.

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Pieces has been on my must see list, well as long as I have had one really.  I have never got around to it though, since the prices of the different releases on this are so up and down, mostly up, I just passed on it.  I have a good feeling about this film, although I am walking into it, with an epically bad mood, hopefully this wont cloud my judgement or enjoyment of it.

First thought,  This has that awesome late 1970s and early 1980s exploitation look and feel to it.  I instantly have gotten a feel of Don`t Go in The House and it`s ilk.  So I may do very well with this.  After a relatively violent opening, I think we are going to get along just fine, this film and I.

Our film here opens, with a young boy putting together a puzzle of a topless pin up^, when his mother catches him and goes back shit fucking crazy on him over it, he responds to her lunacy with a nice axing to the face, and some saw action….go stuff here.  Oddly, there are offscreen killings in this.

The basics of this story are simple, done to death, horror cliched.  A masked killer is stalking a college and dispatching young ladies in various states of undress using a chainsaw.   He is accumulating body parts for a human puzzle of sorts,  with gory results.  There is the standard red herrings all over the place, some awful dialogue and bad acting, with shockingly sparse amounts of decent enough gore through out.  The mains are mostly unlikeable, and are normally quickly dispatched before they have the chance to become annoying.  The dark look of this, as aforementioned was a nice touch, but really was just a product of the time, not intentional.  There is a lot of lag in this, the emphasis on the police investigation was so painful for me, it took me out of it completely, several times.   Then there was an over long tennis match bit, by this point I was completely removed from this film.   I swear these 31 days are cursed, in the 62 films featured in it,  films I have not seen before have turned out to be awful, dull or just mediocre about 65 percent of the time, and if this is an indication, I am in for it again…  But moving on, the carefully guarded, twist, the big killer reveal, is completely predictable, in fact I figured it out, the 1st time the character was on screen.  By the 45 minute part I had to pause it and walk away for it, this was painful, I almost couldnt finish it.

So barely violent, mediocre gore, done to death plot, cliched to hell, and frequent moments of nothing at all, completely killed this for me.  I do not get the following and reputation this has.  It is boring to the Nth degree.  It picks up a bit in the final 30 minutes, but was far too little too late, And the telegraphed twist ending or reveal as one might say, completely killed any redeeming value.

Strong start for sure, but damn did this burnt out faster than I could have ever imagined.

RATING: 55% (D+)

PROS:  Decent beginning, some good gore, an elevator scene, although brief is fun.  There is an odd kung fu moment, that happens for, well nothing but was fun. Strange shock epilogue which was entertaining enough and well done.

CONS:  Boring to an art form, predictable in every sense, some offscreen violence, little gore, annoying mains.


2 responses to “31 days 2014 – Day 1- Pieces Review

  1. “done to death plot” ? .. . ehhhhh no, I can’t say that I have seen a bazilion other movies about a killer constructing a human jigsaw puzzle. I think I did a better review of this flick than THIS schmucko .. .

    • hazer772

      aww, a fanboy, or girl or whatever gender or sub gender, you fit into. Glad I caused you butt hurt, my god, you posted it twice. Contrived, already been done, like your comment, but horror fan wise, has this been not been done better, in say Deranged? Or Buried Alive? Or modern, May or Jigsaw, not to be confused with Saw, very different. I didn’t mesh with it, so what is with the attacks? Seems , well stupid… oh he hated a movie I liked, die die. Like Fred Vogel, pulled this on me with August Underground, at least he made it. So, explain to me, how is this not a Chainsaw Massacre clone? What besides, the racist as fuck, kung fu teacher, this is different. And , how the ebay and amazon prices, reflect the quality? No. One more, Name your three favorites, so I can get an idea of you. Mine easy, not in terms of well made, but favorites, Devil’s Rejects, TCM 2… not remake and 1977 Dawn of the Dead. Modern? ok, The Mist, Father’s day and Juan of the Dead.

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