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31 Days # 3 – Night of the Special Ed Review

No IMDB, or Trailer, it’s a riff track.

but…watch the whole thing free here.

Uploaded to Youtube by it’s creator Dr Danglers.

What can I say about Night of The Living Dead, that has not been repeated ad nauseum?  It’s one of the most influential horror films ever, and in the end, it’s a decent film.  So I am not going to discuss the visuals at all.  There is nothing new here, you have likely seen it and if not?  Well get out there and watch this, it’s a required viewing for your primary horror school education .

Dr Danglers channel, used to be My Ass has Worms, and I have been a fan of it since 2007, a few months after it started.  Now warning, on the off chance you are easily offended, are a right wing or far left wing, whiny self righteous, self loathing, victim, don;t check it out, nor this riff.  Just jump to the next review.

Now that that’s out of the way, lets get down to the gooood sheeet man, as Ritchie would say.    The film opens with Johnny giving a monologue about the merits of, ummmm anal entertainment with a horse, lets say.  From there we are treated to comedy gold, like an ongoing issue with Barbara and her strong need for steak ummms,  a fight with Cooper and Ben over not putting the funk in the dunk, and a character with an unusual odor issue.

The basis of this tale, is violent video games and energy drinks have created an uprising of a certain group of people, whom are now seeing other people as cookies, and after indulging in public mastrubation and defecation, have decided to indulge their love of cookies and succumb to cannibalism.  As this goes on, our heroes, being deeply flawed and lacking ability to get along, all end up in dire straits, with hilarious results.

Ok, this is vulgar at times to amazing levels, sure sometimes it’s immature, but that’s it’s intention.  It is hilariously bad, I would have to give the Sownd a TEN OUT OF TEN – inside joke – .  The voice over is all done by Ritchie himself, which is quite a task, and very well done.  Everything is beautifully over the top in this.  I generally am not a fan of riffs, but this was fun, it paced the film well, and left me wanting more.

RATING:  B+ (76%)

PROS:  Hilarious choice of voices, some great bits involving Cooper and Ben, and steak ummms, fun explanation for the outbreak

CONS:  Most tender little guys will be offended by it, some jokes fall flat


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