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31 Days # 4 – Just Before Dawn Review

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This is a blind watch, highly recommended, which has mostly been the bane of this blog and these 31 day projects. In fact I think success rate with these films, being above decent is 10 percent at tops.
I know very little of this, except it is reasonably pricey since is out of print, I am thinking it’s a prototype for Wrong Turn, or any of the other kids go in woods genres.

We start off with a rather large hillbilly, stabbing a hunter with a rather large knife, through the balls and out the ass. Relatively well done too. Then we are introduced to our 5 twenty something leads, in their pricey camper, going for a weekend in the mountains. With some par for the course results.

This started off so strong, but quickly degraded into mediocrity and then boredom. There is nothing really new here, besides death by mandible claw towards the end. It’s so cliched for the genre even, there is very little to almost no gore, violence or suspense. Things happen for no real revealed reason, and I didn’t care by the end of it. Damn though, did the setting look great. Set in the Oregon wilderness, is a beautiful mash up of mountains, waterfalls and dense forests, which saved this from being a complete failure for me.

RATING: C(65%)

PROS: amazing setting, some early great gore, attractive ladies

CONS: Not a lot goes on, nothing new at all, no motivation or explanation of our villains. Some bad lagging issues


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