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31 Days-ok films – I screwed up already- # 2 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Review

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Well, this went awry quicker than normal. Honestly I work full time, and have been battling my borderline on top of this all a lot lately, so have not had time, energy nor desire to watch anything. I fully strive to catch up in two days, since I am finally off for my weekend.

This is a film I have seen, about a decade ago, I think, and I remember little of it besides I liked it, and it freaked out my now ex wife. I remember Rooker being awesome, but that’s it mostly.

Henry, is a loose autobiographical style film, of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, and follows the titular character and his buddy Otis, as they kill their way across the country. When Otis’s sister Becky moves in, it creates a rift, and she realizes all is not what it seems.

Micheal Rooker is great in this movie. Every scene he is effective, both evil but oddly likeable at the same time. He is actually intimidating, and works in the role, perfectly really. This film is not as violent as people make it out to be. There is very little gore until the climax, and a lot of violence is low key or offscreen, which adds to the menacing, nonchalant manner our hero deals with killing. Tom Towles was also very effective as sex offender and general creeper Otis, and the climax of this is great. This is a very deep, and dark movie, would be disturbing for most people, but well I am completely desensitized. The ending is wonderfully bleak, not completely shocking, but not predictable either.

I highly recommend this film.

RATING: A+ (85%)

PROS: Excellent acting, a great scene involving an eye impalement is the best of it’s sort I have ever seen, wonderfully bleak ending, great chemistry with the leads. Rooker owns this film.

CONS: Not as violent as it could be, has very little to do with the real Henry Lee Lucas and Otis.

Here’s some info on the real Henry, just in case you are curious. Definitely an awful guy.

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