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31 Days # 6 – The People Under The Stairs Review

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Well, today is the 14th, I have fallen way behind as normal. This time though, I am not really feeling this, been battling a bout of dysthymia, and working a lot, but I started this, and finish it I shall.

Today, I am going back to a re-watch. The People Under the Stairs trailers always got to me as a kid, it seemed so much more sinister and horrifying than what it actually is. It gave me visions of something more Chainsaw massacre in tone.

In fact, that impression is beyond wrong. What we have here in reality, was a modernized version of a fairy tale, done completely over the top, and a lot of fun.

Fool, an urban, poor kid, and his brothers, break into a local eccentric house, after hearing rumors of riches laying within. Instead, the brothers are quickly dispatched, and fool himself becomes trapped within the house of madness, to deal with things beyond comprehension at times, while trying to escape the mazes and traps within.

This is a great, geared for kids horror film, with a lot of images and jokes that are geared perfectly for adults only to get. It has a sort of grossness to it, not so much in gore or violence, but in the realities of the home as they are slowly revealed. It is pretty cringe inducing at times. The titular people, really don’t have much point to the story in the grand scheme of things, but they work well enough. It’s not overly violent, or gory, but it has some great laughs, a likeable main character, and a great pace.

RATING: A-(83%)

PROS: Really fun film, the atmosphere of the house is great, some great cringe worthy moments, likeable lead, and well paced.

CONS: Nothing really, some parts fall a little flat, the people are only a background item at best.

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