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31 Films – # 7 Nekromantik

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Another re-watch. Also changing the name of this project, again, as is the annual tradition in this week, to 31 films.

Nekromantik, is part of the reason this blog was started, as was Singapore Sling. Since both movies left me feeling ripped off, and misinformed, since they were both pricey and claimed to be so graphic and disturbing, neither was either really, at least that much.

So, here are the gory details on this, oddity of a film, brought to us from our strange friends in Germany. Robert, our hero, using the term loosely, is a street sweeper. How ever, his particular company specializes in accident clean up and removal. And is there ever a ton of violent accidents in his town. Robert, becomes enthralled by a relatively well conditioned accident victim’s corpse, so he brings it home, for his girlfriend as a present. And gory, slimy and icky moments follow.

The gore in this, is pretty well done. This is a disturbing movie, for sure, for the squeamish, the easily offended, and non genre fans. However, most genre fans, might find this to be trying to hard, or even bored. The ummm sex scenes – ok threesome with corpse, are kind of well done, and do give it an icky feeling. There is also a random scene, showing the real life footage of a rabbit being skinned, over and over, which is inappropriate and stupid, played only for shock. A scene in the cemetary, has some ok gore at 1st, but falls flat quickly. The simple piano score in this film, that loops over and over, is strangely haunting and effective, but this film falls apart quickly, I just wanted it to end already. However, then came the ending, and I took my wish back. The ending is a special kind of gross, and painful to watch for us male folks. Damn though, is it ever creative.

In the end, it tries to hard to be shocking, but severely over does it and falls flat. Some of you may enjoy this even, it just dragged too much for my liking and it is very short even, has annoying characters and throws depravities in your face, in a failed attempt at shock

RATING: C(65%)

PROS: Some decent gore every now and then, some unintentionally hilarious moments, the score, however simple and repetitive, is very effective and sticks in your head.

CONS: hard to find a more unlikeable couple, some icky moments, the ending is over the top gross in the wrong way.

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