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31 Films # 9 – The Creature from The Black Lagoon – Review

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The Universal Monsters Classic Collection, a VHS holy grail for me, I vowed to own the entire collection and was only 5 tapes short, but of course, since circumstances got bad, with my marriage in the early years, sadly they all went to the pawn shop, since wives need to eat, so I never was able to recoup their losses. And with recent events, it makes this all the more maddening.

Ignoring that, this collection introduced me to some great films, Captive Wild Woman, House of Horrors, the Invisible Man series and this film and it’s sequels.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon, is essentially the last true Universal Monsters film, being made in the 1950s, but still black and white, despite being in the color era. It follows an expedition into the amazon, in search of prehistoric treasures, but ends up with the creature being discovered and falling in love with the lone female crew member. This movie is a little violent for it’s time, as the gillman takes out the crew. It also has phenomenal under water sequences, and a great looking monster. The gillman is a fun villain, he looks great, he is likeable and you really feel for him, he is just protecting his home and in love with the wrong woman. This is a great film in all it’s parts, I highly recommend it.

RATING: A+ (88%)

PROS: Great looking creature design, likeable creature, great under water sequences

CONS: A little bit of lag here and there, some people might be put off by the black and white.


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