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31 Films # 10 – Blood Salvage Review

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Trailer posted to Youtube by user: C Hunt


This is a blind watch, which was the intended spirit of this blog and especially this project, as you likely know, blind watches are normally not to my favor, with awful results more than 70 percent of the time. This is a little more obscure too, so I had to see this.

A disabled beauty queen, and her family, after breaking down on the roadside, are entrapped by a local mechanic and his 2 sons. They had actually orchestrated the breakdown, in an attempt to replace their long deceased mother and wife, with strange revelations at every corner.

Ok, this is essentially your evil hillbilly movie, with some added elements. There is a side plot about organ harvesting, religion and a plot point stole right out of Tourist Trap. This movie has it’s few graphic moments, but is most involved in our heroine April, and her attempts to escape her captors. This starts off as a horror comedy / black comedy, then shifts tone to very serious and icky, then back to comedy, then to straight slasher cliches 101.

This presents a massive problem. The ever shifting tone is distracting and awkward, and I found myself more often than not, looking at my viewing companion in surprise, for the oddly timed and very different tone shifts. In fact, it makes it hard to watch at times. There are some veteran cast members here, John Saxon, as April’s dad and Ray Walston has a bit part as an organ harvester. But mostly this film is a jumbled mess. Had it kept the comedic tone, it might have been above mediocre, but since it did not, it comes across as a confused mess. By no means awful, but not memorable, different or worth a look really.

RATING: B- (70%)

PROS: The lead villain is fun enough, some decent gore bits when they are there, alright pacing.

CONS: Borrows liberally from far better films, and often, annoying heroine, too many tone switches for one film, seriously this has to be a record of sorts.


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