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31 films # 11 – Motel Hell Review

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Aww Motel Hell, a re-watch but a great one. This was just re-released by Scream Factory on Blu Ray, I have not indulged, but I may, Scream Factory puts out an amazing product. This is a camp classic film, in all senses. It is fun, violent, over the top, has some wonderfully nice, mean spirited moments, and is a fun ride all the way through.

Rory Calhoun hams and cheeses this film up deliciously. He is so over the top as our anti-hero Farmer Vincent. He is charming, articulate, funny as hell and just chews through every seen he is in. Farmer Vincent, is semi famous, for his organic fritters, made from quote all kinds of critters. Of course there is a more sinister source of the ingredients, and after her boyfriend succumbs to one of Vincent’s many traps, Terry, is under the care of Vincent and his sister Ida, eventually becoming Vincent’s unrequited love interest. As things play out, she starts to uncover startling truths, and discovers what is really lurking in the secret garden.

This film is fun, as forementioned, Rory Calhoun, completely steals every scene he is in. Almost winking at the camera at times. There is a final chainsaw duel, some great dark humor, and the source of the meats, although slightly predictable, is presented in a more unique way. I will not spoil this film, it’s an under appreciated gem in all senses. I highly recommend.

RATING: A(85%)

PROS: Rory Calhoun, great pacing, an interesting and refreshing take on a common theme, some nice violent bits and well done gore.

CONS: There isn’t really much here to complain about, mostly nit picks. Sometimes lighting is an issue I guess?


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