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31 Films # 12 – Trip With The Teacher Review

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Mill Creek, in your vast library of complete shit, severely cut versions and rough cuts, sometimes lays a complete gem. This is by no means a masterpiece, it’s kind of brainless, and tamer than you would think, but it’s entertaining and gets the job done well enough.

The Teacher, takes her class of usual horror film fodder women, on a day trip into a rural desert type area. There they run into a biker Al – played beautifully over the top by future Softcore Porn director Zalman King, and his cohorts, whom take them hostage and subject them to various degradations, humiliations and sexual assaults, inevitably ending in murder. Let’s face it, it’s in reality a tamer Last House on the Left clone, with Zalman King, playing a watered down, cheesier version of Krug.

This film is well paced, it is sleazy in the good 1970s way and our teacher is quite attractive. Zalman King is a great lead, and does not play it too seriously. This is another example of movie doritos, and it kills it’s relatively short run time well. Given it is part of a lot of Mill Creek packs, it is very cheap cost wise, and if you like the revenge genre spawned by Last House, you should enjoy this watered down clone.

RATING: B- (73%)

PROS: Zalman King is great, the teacher is very attractive, it’s decently paced, and the mains are likeable enough to be semi effective.

CONS: Little violence, is a very watered down Last House clone, some of actions of the victims are completely nonsensical in any form.


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