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31 films # 13 – Two Thousand Maniacs! Review

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Another re-watch, which I normally just do for catch ups, so likely be another few, then back to the blind watches soonish….. Sorry.

I think this is my favorite of the classic H.G. Lewis films.

Two Thousand Maniacs! is a fun little film. The title song alone will stick in your head for days upon days, I was going to add it here, but it’s fairly obscure and only source I could track, has blocked embedding. As well, it features this track through out the film, but it’s a great old school country song.

Plot wise, some northern folk, stumble upon a southern town, in the midst of their centennial celebration, which features the clothing and customs of the time. They require some northerners to be the guests of honor, to shower them with their southern hospitality, in reparations for the civil war. Well, needless to say, the celebrations and events that fill this festival, are less than wholesome, and not terribly fun for our northern friends, and bloody carnage ensues.

There are some creative mechanisms of death in this film, I wont spoil them, but they are well done and very fun. The gore is not as intensive as one would expect, and is not the greatest effects wise, but it’s a product of it’s time. The southern folk are great, they are so over blown in a good way, and there is a bit of a twist, that pulls this all together.

This is not a masterpiece in any sense, but it’s a fun film, loaded with hammy performances and wonderfully cheesy moments.

RATING: A- (80%)

PROS: Creative kill scenes, likeable towns folk, decent twist, great theme song, cheesy and hammy as you would expect, a good example of early gore films

CONS: Some effects are very dated, a little bit of lagging issues.


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