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31 Days # 15 – Audition

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Another rewatch – still catching up, this is the 21st now, as this is being written.

Takashi Miike, had wowed me with Ichi The Killer, and Imprint. So I sought out this film, in hopes of the same, and having heard nothing but good about this film, it seemed like a good fit. As often the hype was so wrong.

After his wife dies, Shigeharu, is persuaded by his son and a movie producer friend, to stage a false Audition in hopes of winning his dad a new wife, unbeknownst to the applicants. He meets and falls for Asami, a shy, strange woman, but once she discovers the lie, and they don’t work out, things go wrong, very wrong….. Asami has a very dark secret….

This film is boring, to an art film. There are several minutes, in fact maybe as much as 1/3 of this film, that is just inane dialogue and nothing really going on. The audition parts are especially dull, I had a very hard time sticking to this film….the pacing is awful. The climax? well you have strong hints Asami is really strange, in fact psychotic even, but does she ever go above and beyond. There is a scene involving needles and various sensitive areas, that is truly cringe worthy and over the top ugly, it was difficult to watch, and very well done.

RATING: C (65%)

PROS: good gore effects, an interesting twist.

CONS: The 1st act is almost completely inane dialogue, badly paced, boring to a painful level.


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