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31 Films # 14 – Friday the 13th

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There seem to be two camps in the horror genre among fans. Those that like Friday the 13th, and those whom prefer A Nightmare on Elm Street, it seems if you like one series, you hate the other. Personally I am more into Friday the 13th.

So this is a re-watch obviously, this is another film, all genre fans have seen or will to earn their newbie stripes. I only watched this again because my niece, she is obsessed with Jason, imagine her surprise, I had to re-explain why this was over and over. This is actually Kevin Bacon’s film debut, as a side note.

So, this is where most of your kids go to woods, kids get killed tropes from. It sets a lot of the cliches for the slasher genre. Sex equals death, as do drugs, as does not listening to crazy old men, etc. Some mostly unlikeable campers are being slowly dispatched by an unseen killer, in a myriad of gruesome ways, until Alice discovers the truth of what is going on, and a bloody confrontation ensues.

This film, holds up pretty well today. It is violent, well paced and some nice gore. so all the things most horror fans enjoy really. It is not brilliant, not the best slasher movie ever, but definitely one of the innovators. Betsy Palmer is great in this, she is beautifully over the top in her role and adds a nice craziness to it. Overall, this is a decent film, but likely you have already seen it.

RATING A- (80%)

PROS: Violent, gory, well paced, well acted, nice dark and grainy feel and look

CONS: Some annoying characters, odd motivation for killings


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