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31 Films # 17 – Crawlspace

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Alright, time to go back to a blind viewing. I have no idea about this film, in any way, shape or form. Have no expectations, except it appears to be your run of the mill mid 1980s slasher. I have heard it is a decent film, but that is it. Wish me luck……

Wow what an opening, a nice impalement and Klaus Kinski being his creepy self. Uhoh, Charles Band made this, not a good sign for me. I am not really much of a fan. Band is not only a notorious huckster but his work is often amateurish, insulting and brain dead. Although he did create Wizard video, so he is not completely awful. Karl rents a boarding house to young women, he is creepy and is voyeuring them, to which they are completely oblivious. Karl has some dark secrets, and a medical background, as well as a pet man in a cage…. and the usual mayhem ensues ….

Most of this film is Kinski acting bat shit crazy and crawling through air ducts. A lot of nothing goes on, but him watching the aftermath of various sex acts, or conversations. Ok is this cut?? Starts out nicely graphic, then all offscreen during the climax?? There are some creative traps of sorts, but never seen used, minus a shoe and some near misses. Besides Kinski, who was a genuinely awful and creepy person, there is nothing really more than mediocre about this film. No this was not cut.

This was a painful 80 minutes, it started with so much promise, but fell into uninspired dreck. Boring to an art form, and seems incomplete.

RATING : D (55%)

PROS: Strong opening, Kinski is creepy as hell- so well cast??

CONS: Boring, unlikeable victims, 95 percent of kills are off screen and shown as after effect, a tired cliche twist, even by 1980s standards.


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