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31 Films – # 18 – Hallowe’en 4 – The Return of Micheal Myers

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This is a re-watch, I am so beyond behind on this, since my life this year is a disaster, and has had moments that rival a lot of the films on here in grotesqueness. This is also a film that I did not like, the single time I saw it. I remember being disappointed in the lack of gore, the smaller, quicker Micheal, and the crappier mask design. Does my dismay for this film continue…..

In the short answer No.

This is actually a great film. It picks up 10 years after the events of Hallowe’en 2, where Loomis and Myers were supposedly killed in the ether induced explosion…. Well they were not. Myers was in a coma, and Loomis had some minor burns and a limp. Micheal awakes from his coma in a patient transfer ride, and begins his journey back to Haddonfield, to finish off his blood line, via his niece, Laurie’s daughter.

This goes back more to the initial films style, and look more than the second incarnation. It is less graphic and more menacing, which works in some places and fails massively in others. The lack of gore in a very key scene, despite all logic, actually harms this film a lot. If you are looking for a drag out slasher in the series, check out 2, or 5, which while universally panned, I love Hallowe’en 5. I understand the love for this sequel now, it’s a solid film, but still I prefer 5.

RATING: B+(78%)

PROS: Some inventive kills, Loomis has more of an edge to him, good pacing, great atmosphere of the 1980s Hallowe’en evening and feel.

CONS: One scene is so cheaped out on, it harms the film, since it’s in the climax. The lack of gore in it, defies logic. I also really dislike the clean look of the mask in this film, and the smaller, slimmer Micheal was off putting.


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