31 Films # 20 – An intermission

Here’s some Hallowe’en videos, since it’s the 30th and well I am not going to make this deadline this year, some old favorites and some influences on my own foray into this genre, well from when I was a kid.

Uploaded to Youtube by user: Keith Richardson

Possibly my favorite commercial period, it so embodies the spirit of the season, is perfectly cheesy and a tradition since youtube.

UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE BY USER: RetroTy: The Pulse of Nostalgia

Scarios, One of the best pastas ever, well canned, and only for the shapes, taste like complete bland really, but damn the shapes, and fun campy commercials. UFOs were great too.


both uploaded to Youtube by user: The Chocula Channel

Monsters cereal, although now available in Canada this year, I still could not get any since they were either sold out, or never carried. I miss the days they were always available. They are not as good as they were, with recipe changes. However, these damn commercials are entertaining as hell, and a good part of my love for the genre, when I was a kid. Healthy, they are not, but they make me smile still.

uploaded to Youtube by user: Steven Gongadin

Awful cereal, yes, but damn near perfect commercial.

uploaded to Youtube by user: A Viking

This is the whole episode, and one of the biggest reasons I grew into a genre fan and an Alice Cooper fan. It’s a great episode, Alice at his best, in his prime. So much of this brings a smile to my face.

It’s odd really, how some advertising, a kids show, some products, started my way to a love of horror. I was really a timid kid horror wise, but these items worked me in well. They still hold up today for me as well. I’m so glad and honored to pass these on, there are tons more, but only so much time and room for these kind of things. If I do not post tomorrow, Happy Hallowe’en, hope you enjoyed this year’s project, although I failed to complete it on time, I will do so in the coming weeks. So get out there, go door to door, with the crisp fall air, in the jack o lantern lit night. Get your monsters cereal, or ghoul aid if you are lucky enough to have acquired them, sit back and check out some of this awesome genre that brings us together. But watch out, something maybe lurking in the darkness, waiting to feed on you……

I of course, yet again will be working…..oh the true horror.


31 films # 19 – Hallowe’en 2

Not the fucking disaster Rob Zombie put out, that was damn near incoherent, but yet I still own an unopened copy for some reason.

And yes I know this is out of chronological order, but I liked it better this way …so mehhh

 photo 50dc029c-af74-4f71-8374-c35bdeda65bf.jpg

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082495/



I outgrew the Hallowe’en series, maybe because I matured as a genre fan, or maybe it was the awful sequels, 3 in a row, that followed in the 1990s and 2000s. However, someone very important to me, has taken a liking to them, and it creates a nice bond between us and something to discuss and teach them about. Being a horror mentor is really cool, actually, so been revisiting these lately.

Hallowe’en 2, filmed 3 years after the massive success of the original, saw the success of the more graphic Friday the 13th, and gave it their own go. What a go it is.

Picking up direct;y after the first film, say 5 minutes after. Loomis and Laurie realize that Micheal was not killed by the shot to the head, which in the second film somehow changed to 6 shots, and Laurie is rushed to the local hospital. We follow Micheal through his escape at 1st, then he embarks on a journey to said hospital and enacts his bloody wrath.

Bloody is right. There is a substantial difference in the violence level of this film. It is way more graphic, particularly gruesome scenes involved a syringe and someone’s temple, and a hot tub gone very wrong. This is the series at some of it’s best. It is well paced, gory, has intriguing characters, and explores Loomis a little more. The climatic face off, with Loomis and Myers, in this, is the best of the series, and the ending is explosive.

RATING: A-(81%)

PROS: Although not my favorite of it, this is the best of the series. Great gore, well paced, and the Loomis/Myers dynamic gets some more insight.

CONS: Some continuity issues with initial film, somewhat predictable, nothing terribly new here. Lacks some of the atmosphere of the series, by confining the brunt of it to a hospital.

31 Films – # 18 – Hallowe’en 4 – The Return of Micheal Myers

 photo 2e06c7fc-f77a-467d-aff9-f0b0ff232329.jpg

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095271/



This is a re-watch, I am so beyond behind on this, since my life this year is a disaster, and has had moments that rival a lot of the films on here in grotesqueness. This is also a film that I did not like, the single time I saw it. I remember being disappointed in the lack of gore, the smaller, quicker Micheal, and the crappier mask design. Does my dismay for this film continue…..

In the short answer No.

This is actually a great film. It picks up 10 years after the events of Hallowe’en 2, where Loomis and Myers were supposedly killed in the ether induced explosion…. Well they were not. Myers was in a coma, and Loomis had some minor burns and a limp. Micheal awakes from his coma in a patient transfer ride, and begins his journey back to Haddonfield, to finish off his blood line, via his niece, Laurie’s daughter.

This goes back more to the initial films style, and look more than the second incarnation. It is less graphic and more menacing, which works in some places and fails massively in others. The lack of gore in a very key scene, despite all logic, actually harms this film a lot. If you are looking for a drag out slasher in the series, check out 2, or 5, which while universally panned, I love Hallowe’en 5. I understand the love for this sequel now, it’s a solid film, but still I prefer 5.

RATING: B+(78%)

PROS: Some inventive kills, Loomis has more of an edge to him, good pacing, great atmosphere of the 1980s Hallowe’en evening and feel.

CONS: One scene is so cheaped out on, it harms the film, since it’s in the climax. The lack of gore in it, defies logic. I also really dislike the clean look of the mask in this film, and the smaller, slimmer Micheal was off putting.

31 Films # 17 – Crawlspace

 photo 975a2f43-e844-46ee-a532-aa6634505361.jpg


Uploaded to YOUTUBE by user: Genius & Disorder

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090881/

Alright, time to go back to a blind viewing. I have no idea about this film, in any way, shape or form. Have no expectations, except it appears to be your run of the mill mid 1980s slasher. I have heard it is a decent film, but that is it. Wish me luck……

Wow what an opening, a nice impalement and Klaus Kinski being his creepy self. Uhoh, Charles Band made this, not a good sign for me. I am not really much of a fan. Band is not only a notorious huckster but his work is often amateurish, insulting and brain dead. Although he did create Wizard video, so he is not completely awful. Karl rents a boarding house to young women, he is creepy and is voyeuring them, to which they are completely oblivious. Karl has some dark secrets, and a medical background, as well as a pet man in a cage…. and the usual mayhem ensues ….

Most of this film is Kinski acting bat shit crazy and crawling through air ducts. A lot of nothing goes on, but him watching the aftermath of various sex acts, or conversations. Ok is this cut?? Starts out nicely graphic, then all offscreen during the climax?? There are some creative traps of sorts, but never seen used, minus a shoe and some near misses. Besides Kinski, who was a genuinely awful and creepy person, there is nothing really more than mediocre about this film. No this was not cut.

This was a painful 80 minutes, it started with so much promise, but fell into uninspired dreck. Boring to an art form, and seems incomplete.

RATING : D (55%)

PROS: Strong opening, Kinski is creepy as hell- so well cast??

CONS: Boring, unlikeable victims, 95 percent of kills are off screen and shown as after effect, a tired cliche twist, even by 1980s standards.