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31 Days # 5 – Class of Nuke ‘Em High Review

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I have never seen Nuke’Em High. Nor it’s sequels. Not that I thought badly of them, Troma and I have a decent relationship, minus that awful Poultrygeist, I like most of their releases. This is one of their flagship titles and I think besides Re-animator, it is one of the universally loved films, that I have never seen, that I am pretty sure I will like.

A nuclear waste leakage is covered up in Tromaville, New Jersey, the toxic chemical capital of the world. Strange things start happening, with often violent consequences. After smoking some atomic weed, straight edged Chrissy and Warren find themselves changing and carnage follows.

I love the Cretins. They are beyond awesome. Ranking up there with the Surf Nazis and Mace Jackson and Teela, as best gang in a film ever. This is a typical Troma movie, it goes for the gross but never takes itself seriously. It has some decent gore for it’s time. It is well paced, stupid in a good way, and a really fun watch. Also it has a pretty kick ass soundtrack. The last 20 minutes turn into a monster film, and get pretty violent, sometimes in innovative ways and very well done.

RATING: B+(77%)

PROS: well paced, fun film. Some good gore effects, the cretins were awesome villains

CONS: Some gross out humor falls flat, monster is pretty cheesy, ending was par for the course.


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